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  The redesigning of office space so as to figure better and to pump in some energy and creativity needs careful planning and   a component design thinking. In this blog, we present Durian’s findings and helpful ideas to redesign workspaces. The status furniture working with brands and businesses across industries , status furniture in chindwar a  come with new advanced ideas that are restructuring work habits and workspaces too. Let us start talking about new ideas how you can make your new office come true. Why should we redesign? Before we begin talking about how to redesign your office, let’s spend a moment on why to redesign it at all. The old setup of offices did not take into consideration the design thinking perspective – it used to be more or less about putting together several tables and chairs and maybe leaving a separate room for meetings or leaving space for a cabin for the leaders. That is how many teams wound up sitting against each other rather than with ea

Design your Kitchen with Status Furniture Modular Kitchen Style

  How to design your Modular Kitchen in Small Kitchens by Occupying less space For any kitchen, the kitchen cabinets, and cupboards play part. They also help in saving space, especially with the small kitchen. Normally, a small kitchen design is completed on the adjoining closet which is employed as a pantry or storage space. When you are planning a Modular Kitchen in Small Space , you would possibly need to choose kitchen cabinets or floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets. This is how you'll get more room within the kitchen. You can also use angles once you are placing the sink within the corner or corner pantries fixed on the sting. Status Furniture is the Online Furniture Store in Chhindwara . 1) Single wall kitchen design 2) L-shaped kitchen designs 3) Galley kitchen designs 4) Island kitchen designs Apart from this also, there are several other sorts of Modular Kitchen in Small Space available supported the status furniture available. How to design your small kitch