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Five Things to Modify Your Gorgeous Living Room

  Is every day watching your old, drab living room? Well, if it’s not sparking joy, then it's time for a change. Furniture in Chhindwara   has excellent advanced  furniture to make your living area very cool and stylish. The living room is perhaps one of the most important rooms in your house because it is where families spend the most time and host guests. Making a good impression is important and having a space that inspires you and uplifts your mood is also critical. So, here are a few ways to revamp your living room and make it beautiful to look at.   Add a statement piece. Do you have a home theater system you want to show off? The best collection of status furniture will help you out.  It is always a good idea to have a statement piece as the showstopper in your living room, and design the rest of it around that piece. Place this piece, which can even be a couple of small coffee tables, at the center of your living room. Against the farthest wall, it will act as an ancho

How to Save Money on Kitchen Restructuring ?

One of the major concerns for Indian homes is the kitchen – how it looks! When you decide to reform your kitchen to modular furniture , there are plenty of questions to address – from kitchen materials to its costing. We at Status Furniture aim to address this major issue and tell you more about modular kitchen designs and prices. A modular kitchen is up to the minute and innovative solution to the challenges posed by traditional kitchens. It makes mundane kitchen tasks easy with its functionality and durability. It is a term used for a modern kitchen layout that consists of modular units, made of different materials, which hold appropriate accessories inside. Advantages of Modular kitchen, when it comes to functionality and elegance. Here are some of them: Easy to setup: One of the best features of a modular kitchen is that it is extremely easy to see in    Furniture store in Chhindwara,   . You spend a lot of time and effort to put together your modular kitchen, in return