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How modular wardrobes give top worth for your money

As you tackle up to make your home more relaxed and pamper it with a lot of love and attention, pay consideration to your wardrobe too. By investing in a modular wardrobe, you’ll be making your best venture that will give you a fabulous piece for your home while saving you a lot of money. Status Furniture is the Top most  Furniture Store in Chhindwara Let us find out how: As you continue to care more for your home-grown and embellish it, you bring in beautiful things that are also opportune to use and easy to maintain. This is the perfect moment to contemplate buying a modular wardrobe. Find out why segmental attires are your best choice. Status Furniture is the  Furniture Online Shop  in Chhindwara The right apparel can help store and form all your belongings. What is a Modular Wardrobe? A Modular Wardrobe can be pull to bits and accumulated whenever and wherever you want. You need not make a space for a carpenter at home for months together to make a attire for you. Now tha

Set up a perfect Valentine’s Day Table at Home

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but given the certain circumstances of the pandemic, you might choose to spend your day at home. But don’t worry because we are going to tell you the ways in which you can make your Valentine’s Day just as magical at your home dinner table.   Just like the theme suggests, make sure you have a lot of red props ready to be decorated. You can put a red or a white table cloth on the table and arrange some nice silverware or glass crockery on it. If you have wine glasses, they can definitely be an add-on to enhancing the mood of you and your partner. Shop Modern Dining Table from StatusFurniture to make your Valentine Day very special. You definitely don’t need to spend a ton of money to create a magical evening at home because Romance can be brought even without breaking bank.   Arranging the table   Apart from using all the Reds, if you are someone who prefers and has subtle colours at home then you can use some pretty pastels of ta

How to cozy up your Living Room just in time for Winter

For many of us, winter is the time where we feel quite gloomy and of course lack of sun tends to have that effect on us. But that doesn’t mean that we sit back and bear through the grey season. The room that you spend the most amount of time in, which is your living room, can be Amped up in a way, so that it’s the coziest place to spend your winters in. StatusFurniture   is the Best Furniture shop online in Chhindwara. So you need to start by adding a beautiful soft rug in the middle of your living room… as it will make the space look cozier automatically. You can also sprinkle some essential oils on the rug for an extra effect. The next thing that you can do is invest in a pretty portable heater/fireplace that you can take from one room to the other when needed. So having hot chocolate on a cold winter evening in front of a heater can make you forget all the gloominess of the day. Winter is the season of Christmas which means that the colour red is quite in demand. So you may wa